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Examination FAQ

Examination FAQ

  1. What examination(s) am I required to take and pass?

    All Candidates are required to take and pass a Business Management Examination. Some license classifications also require passing a trade exam. Refer to form License Classification Requirements RC-L-206B for details on License Classification testing requirements.

  2. What does the examination consist of?

    There are two parts to the examination. All qualifying parties must pass the business management examination. In addition, the qualifying party must, if required, pass a second test covering the specific trade for which you are applying.

    The business management test contains questions on state and federal laws and questions on the management of construction projects and business and financial management.

    Information on individual trade exams may be found at or by calling (800)733-9267.

  3. How do I register to take the examination for a contractor's license or find answers to other frequently asked questions?

    The PSI Candidate Information Bulletin (PDF) contains (1) instructions to register for exams, and (2) answers to commonly asked questions.

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